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A contented New 12 months to all!
We begin the new yr with many high-end replica watches from a. Lange & S?hne, F.P. Journe copy watches for sale copy watches for sale , cartier watch replicas cartier watch replicas Kari Voutilainen and Maitres du Temps. We also find out how the Rolex Submariner became the icon that it is today; revisit the case of the Swatch Group versus Tiffany & Co.; learn more about the history of Laco; and finally see how an IWC Ingenieur 5005 is repaired.
1. F.P. Journe Sonnerie Souveraine replica watch Hands-On

Fran?ois-Paul Journe is one of the most talented watchmakers of our generation and the Sonnerie Souveraine is arguably his proudest creation - it is said that he wears it everywhere. The impressive thing about the Sonnerie Souveraine is that it was designed to be simple to operate and to be as mechanically durable and hardy as possible. For a closer look at this replica watch , which happens to be Journe's personal piece, hit the link below.
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2. Nomos Orion 38 replica watch Review

Nomos is a relatively young but very exciting brand that has a very distinctive design - something I value greatly in replica watches. We reviewed the Tangomat GMT?early last year and have also just had a closer look at the Orion 38mm, a simple yet classy looking dress piece. Find out what we think about this replica watch .
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3. How The Rolex Submariner replica watch Earned Its Place
The Submariner is undoubtedly Rolex's most popular and best-selling replica watch . It is is steeped in history and has a design that has been widely copied. However, did you know that it was not the first to be water resistant nor was it the first dive replica watch ? So how did it become so popular? Read to find out.
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4. Why The Swatch Group Sued Tiffany & Co. And Won About $450 Million

In 2007, the Swatch Group and Tiffany & Co. entered into a 20 yr agreement that would see the Swatch Group produce Tiffany & Co. branded timepieces. Unfortunately, the collaboration ended badly in 2011, with the Swatch Group suing Tiffany & Co tag heuer watches tag heuer watches ., and Tiffany & Co. counter-suing. The case has finally been settled in the Swatch Group's favor and they were awarded $450 million in damages.
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5. Voutilainen GMT Six O'Clock replica watch Hands-On

One of Kari Voutilainen's newest replica watches is the Voutilainen GMT Six O'clock, so-called because of its GMT complication. Unlike most GMT replica watches which feature a fourth hand, this replica watch instead uses a 24 hour disc that is integrated into the subsidiary seconds sub dial at six o'clock. Very discrete and classy. Nothing less than what you'd expect from one of the world's foremost independent watchmakers.
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6. Maitres du Temps Chapter One Transparence replica watches Hands-On

When Maitres du Temps started in 2008, the Chapter One was the replica watch that they debuted with replica tag heuer aquaracer womens replica tag heuer aquaracer womens . And late last calendar year, we wrote that they were revisiting the Chapter One with a new transparent design. We finally got hands on time with these replica watches and here is what we think of them.
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